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Hiring staff takes time.

Let us help you

We are a new recruitment and staffing company that is personal, close and professional with long experience from the industry. Recruitment Center is part of Eyes4work which is located in 100 locations in Sweden.

We are located in Västerås, but can manage all your recruitment needs in more than 100 cities. Each customer is unique to us and we help to find a unique solution that worked for your company!

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Om oss
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Knowledgeable recruiters and skills-based recruitment

There are many candidates looking for a job in variety of industries, we help you to find the right one!

We have a large pool of candidates and long experience of recruitment behind us. 

Step 1

Contact us

Tell us what your needs are and together we can find the best solution for you.

step 2

Advertising, interviews, reference taking

Each customer is unique to us. We have different options for publishing job ads, to attract and find the right candidates that suit your company.

Step 3

Presentation of the best candidates

We have now found the best stars that we present and you get to choose which one best fits your needs and company culture.

Step 4

Employment and follow-up
of the candidate.

Now you star is in place, but we want to know more about how things are going for you through continuous dialogue.


Recruitment Center

Contact Us

Anna Johansson

Consulting Manager

070 870 15 84

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Anna Johansson

Consulting Manager

070 870 15 84

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